Hurricane Irma Structural Inspection Team

With the recent impact of Hurricane Irma on the First Coast, we understand the need for timely structural engineering inspections services for damage ranging from fallen trees on roofs to undermined foundations due to beach erosion. Based on our recent experience with Hurricane Matthew last year, we decided to dedicate a portion of our team specifically to perform structural inspections related to damage from Hurricane Irma. Our desire is to offer timely inspection and repair recommendation services for our clients to speed along the recovery and re-building process.
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Lou Pontigo & Associates, Inc. was established in 1999 and continues to provide clients with project appropriate detailing and ‘outside the box’ structural engineering solutions.  A successful project must translate from paper to reality so we pride ourselves in being engaged throughout the design phase and well into the construction phase.  Our clients include owners, developers, architects, and contractors – and our goal with each is to bring the designers vision to reality while accommodating the owner’s budget and delivering a safe, code compliant structure.