Who & What

LPA was founded in 1999 and is located in Jacksonville Beach, FL. Our diverse staff has experience in the design of structural systems including light frame construction, masonry, insulated concrete form, reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete, hollow core, structural steel and heavy timber. We provide our services to owners, developers, architects and contractors. During the first decade in business, LPA was involved in a multitude of diverse projects ranging from zoological exhibits to single-family residential engineering. Well into its second decade, LPA has broadened its range of experience to include office buildings, multi-family housing and senior living projects.

Why & How

Our intent is to maximize the contribution of engineering to the improvement of the construction environment, all this to ensure our clients achieve their goals and objectives. Therefore, we consider all aspects of construction that impact the design of an efficient system: physical limitations, building codes, restrictions and cost-effective design. Using project specific details and plans we insure that the system is user friendly and well documented based on years of feedback from both our clients and building officials.


Our engineers use leading edge technology in the analysis, design and documentation process. Finite element analysis software such as ETABS, SAFE & Visual Analysis are used for 2D and 3D modeling of our structures allowing us to visualize a structures behavior under load and achieve optimum designs. Our staff is experienced in the design of structures subject to static, dynamic (vibration & seismic) and thermal loads. To communicate our designs to clients, software such as REVIT (BIM) and AutoCAD are utilized.



Luis A. Pontigo, PE – Principal & Founder

Lou Pontigo began his Structural Engineering career at Gopman Pepper Engineers in Aventura, FL while attending college in South Florida. As an intern draftsman, Lou developed an appreciation for detailing done by hand prior to the age of computer-aided drafting. Upon graduation from UF, Lou returned to South Florida to his first engineering position at CHM Engineers in Coral Gables. The early to mid 90’s saw a great boom in high rise condominium projects in South Florida so he gained a great deal of experience in cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete structures utilizing wind tunnel testing to optimize designs. The move to Jacksonville in the mid 90s brought Lou to McVeigh & Mangum Engineering. There he developed skills in the other 90% of structures built; namely low rise commercial buildings constructed of material such as structural steel, tilt-up concrete and timber. In 1999, Lou founded Lou Pontigo & Associates, Inc (LPA).